14 Minute To Win It Games For Adults

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Take a break from your adult life and give that minute to winning adult games.

If you thought One Minute to Victory was a game just for kids, you missed out on all the fun. You can have just as much (maybe even more) fun with these games as with any other form of fun.

We have compiled some of the best games to give you the most fun. Here’s your chance to take on the challenge for a minute.


3 Best minute to win adult matches

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If you have no plans and you have a lot of time, a minute to win a game can make time pass. To get the best time, try the best minute to win his adult games.

Here are the best 3 minutes to win your adult games:

1. Mama Giddy

Cover yourself with toilet paper, turn around. To do this, take a piece of toilet paper in one hand and place the toilet roll on a rod.

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2. Suspension rivets

Tie a rope to two chairs to keep the rope taut. Gather nails (for hammering) and ask players to try to hang the nails on the rope so they don’t fall all the way down for a minute.

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3. Mega-bubble

The goal is to burst the bubble through the hanging hoop using only your breath. If it bursts or falls to the ground, you have to make another bubble.

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4 minutes to win adult games that could be for teens

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If you have teenagers at home, you’re in luck. We have the best minute to win games for teens and adults. From now on, you and your teens are going to play this game to win.

Here are 4 minutes to win: there are games for adults that could be for teens:

4. Blue Blows

A stack of 39 red cups, face up, with a blue cup at the bottom of the stack. Players must beat the clock to get the blue cup to the top of the stack by taking each red cup, one at a time, and stacking them at the end.

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5. Roll-On, Buddy

Rolled potatoes, as well as onions, work from one end of the room to the other with just the nose.

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6. Human ring beam

It takes a lot of hula hoops and the players have to work together. Have one player throw the hoops to their partner to see which team can collect the most.

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7. Faster than the Egyptians

With a stack of 36 cups, each player has one minute to build a pyramid and place it back in the stack.

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3 minutes of Christmas to win his adult party games

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These minute games to win are perfect for the next Christmas party. Get everyone in the Christmas spirit with these Christmas games.

Here’s 3 minutes of Christmas to win her adult party games:

8. Who’s calling?

Fill and close 5 boxes with bells, each with a different number from 1 to 5. Ask each player to shake each box and guess how many jingles are in each box by placing them in numerical order.

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9. Penguin way

Take the ball between your legs and walk or waddle around the room without letting go of the ball.

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10. Set of paper plates

Put a cardboard board on your head and try to draw a Christmas tree with presents underneath. The player who plays most accurately wins.

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3 minutes in the office to win his matches

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One minute to win this desktop game is the best way to make your work day go faster. Play these games with your colleagues when you have little to do, or at the annual office party.

Here’s three minutes of office time to win the game:

11. Office niches

Practically a tennis game without a racket or ball. With a paperclip and a wad of paper, the players play the ball among themselves in the barrel.

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12. Watermelon

A ninja card is also called a ninja card when you slide a playing card into a watermelon cut in half and leave it there. You can also play with business cards, but make sure someone brings half a watermelon for lunch.

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13. M&M’s with straw

Using a straw, grab each M&M by vacuuming the straw. Put each M&M in a bowl next to you before the minute is up.

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Downloadable list of winning game minutes for adults

Here is a downloadable list of minutes to win the adult games (right click on the image and select save as…) :

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Other large games

A minute win is fine, but if you’ve played all the games and are looking for more, we’ve got what you need.

  1. Are you the adult throwing the party? So we recommend these board games for adults.
  2. Are the teenagers coming to the party? It’s not a problem… We have the best party games for teens.
  3. And if you want to relax with your friends, board games are just what you need.

How to pick the best awesome minute to win games

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If you have many minutes of free time to play all these games, go ahead, but if not, you need help deciding which games to play.

Here you will learn how to choose the best great minute to win their games:

1. Do you have all the accessories?

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You don’t have to put in any effort to play these games. These are simple games that don’t require much equipment. So, if you see that you have all the necessary equipment to play at home, it is probably better to play this game.

Note that some materials can be replaced by other similar materials. However, if you don’t have all the items you need for the game and you really want to play it, it doesn’t hurt to do some shopping.

2. Games with high difficulty make the most ridiculous

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That’s right. There is no need to take it easy on the adult group. Difficult minutes to win his matches are more fun and hilarious for the entire audience. To win, games have to be hard, so don’t feel bad.

Net revenue

What are you waiting for? Get together with a group of friends/colleagues/acquaintances and try to win adult matches. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

And if you need another minute to win this game, feel free to come back. We have many more, as well as many other great games for everyone.

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