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Before I started watching cartoons, every time someone said witch, I imagined a wrinkled old witch with a poisoned fruit or something.

But after watching a few dozen cartoons, I now imagine pretty girls on broomsticks.

To celebrate this evolution of the mental imagination, we offer you a list of the best witch themes that deserve some attention.

15. Mary the Virgin Witch

This show takes place during the 100 year war between England and France, with the witch Marie as the main character.

Maria is not really a fan of all this bloodshed. So she starts interrupting the soldiers and tries to make peace. It’s noble, isn’t it?

But then heaven opened up and told Mary that if she continued to meddle in human affairs, her powers would be taken away.

Even if she loses her virginity, the same punishment will apply. The name makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it?

So Mary is not only trying to keep the peace, she’s trying to keep it in her pants.

14. Black clover

This series may not just be about witches, but wizards, witches and everything in between.

But witches still appear here and there. Plus, everyone rides broomsticks, which adds to the witchy aesthetic.

But if you really want a pure witchcraft experience, go see Vanessa. She’s as sympathetic as they come. Okay, except maybe the alcoholism.

And there’s a whole story in Forrest of the Witches where she takes center stage, if you’re really interested.

13. Witchcraft

If you don’t like the protective approach of the witch characters and want more strong, independent women, then Witch Craft Works might be the series for you.

The main female character is a very tall witch who is so popular at school that she could probably sell the air she breathes.

The male protagonist, on the other hand, is not so lucky. It usually fades into the background. But thankfully, they were now connected.

And let’s just say it’s clear who’s carrying the broom in this relationship.

12. Academy of Little Witches

If you want your witches to be extremely mine, you can’t go wrong with Little Witches Academy.

The plot is very similar to My Hero Academy, where the main character has no magical powers, but still enters a school of magic, hoping to discover it along the way.

So, naturally, high school drama/comedy is very much present in the series. But we also have decent action and very solid animation.

Frankly, it sounds like mediation. Especially if you like pretty girls who do fun things like that, plus a little more magic.

11. Izetta: The Last Witch

Well, this is the second time a witch has been involved in some sort of historical anime where a war takes place.

In this scenario, Germany tries to invade a much smaller country called Elistadt.

Not only does the country have a strange name, but it is also in crisis because its princess is almost taken hostage.

Fortunately, Izette, the last witch, recognizes the princess and rescues her.

She quickly vows to use her magical powers to turn the tide of the war. And there will be a lot of fighting.

10. Burn the witch

This film is quite recent, as it was not released until late 2020. Also very short, just over an hour, but very entertaining.

Surprisingly, given its title, the show has nothing to do with the Salem witch trials. But it’s all about the dragons.

There are dragons in this world. And all they do is kill a lot of people.

But not everyone can see the dragons, and even fewer can actually manipulate them. That’s where the witches come in. It’s your job to deal with the dragons in the best way possible, so that London doesn’t become a ghost town.

9. Flying Witch

The Flying Witch is one of those coming-of-age stories.

The plot is pretty simple: Witches exist in the world and it is common for witches to become independent and go to school at the age of fifteen.

Our heroine’s story begins at this young age and follows her as she learns about her powers and the world around her.

And since magic is very present, the world around them is pretty fantastic and sometimes even a little weird.

8. Robin Hood Witch Hunter

As the title suggests, this series is not about witches going to school or being the good guys.

In fact, the witches of this world are usually killed by special forces.

Our main character, Robin, joins such a team. But there’s a twist.

Instead of just killing them, their unit decides to capture them alive in hopes of learning more about witches.

Let’s just say it’s not easy for witches, and they won’t cooperate because you promise not to kill them.

7. The flower of Mary and the witches.

You know what they say: Curiosity killed the cat?

Well, like the turntables… The film begins with Mary living her normal life. But she sees a certain cat and follows him into the nearby woods, where she finds strange flowers.

The next day she follows the cat again and finds the broom.

And before you know it, she’s somehow landed in front of the witch school and has to figure out what’s going on.

All because she was curious about the kitten from the anime.

6. Puella Madhya

It’s not clear if Madoc mages are classified as wizards, or just magical girls in general. But I’m turning it on anyway.

This is mainly because Magi Madoka is one of the best series to watch.

I know it’s like a regular magic show where everyone is defeated by the power of friendship. But believe me, he couldn’t be further from the truth.

I don’t want to ruin it. But let’s just say that the darkness present towards the end of this series is definitely more of a witch’s day than a magical little girl.

5. Yamada and the Seven Witches

This anime has such a precise premise that I have the impression you know immediately whether you like it or not based on this premise alone.

The rub is (and stay with me) that there are seven students at Suzaku High School who are actually witches, even if they don’t know it.

How could they ignore such an important detail?

Because their powers can only be activated with a kiss.

It’s true, the plot was born after the male lead made one of those classic oops, I tripped and landed in your mouth for a while.

Even for a show with such an ecchi scenario. The writing is actually very solid. So don’t think of this as a service cartoon for the fans.

4. Familiar zero point

To better understand this series, you need to understand the main character.

Imagine that: Noelle of Black Clover, strong, proud and absolutely hopeless at mastering magic. Only, she has no noble status here, so everyone laughs at her.

But instead of a motley crew inviting her to join their company, our female MC is saved when she accidentally summons an extremely powerful familiar.

It is also important to note that what is known is not a cat or a fairy, but a boy. You can guess how it’s going to happen, right?

3. Green sugar

We get the lowest price you can get.

Just a peaceful anime to watch when life is too stressful. You don’t believe me?

Here’s the whole plot: There are two witches who are also best friends. They are competing for the title of queen and their goal is to get as many people’s hearts as possible.

But instead of tearing them away, they enter the world of men and find relaxation and friendship, so to speak. Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

2. Twin Witches

Now it’s like Alice in Wonderland with witches in the spotlight.

The main character, Arusu, is transported to another world.

A world where fiction is hidden in every corner of life.

There are witches here, but they are not nearly as well behaved as our previous entry on this list.

No, these witches kidnap other creatures and do things for their own good.

Arusu, being the little bundle of joy and positivity that she is, doesn’t like this captivity story much. So she’s trying to change it.

But as Americans have learned, ending slavery is not easy.

1. KikiDelivery service

Kiki’s delivery service is a true Ghibli classic.

This is the story of sitting Kiki’s coming of age, and it’s just wonderful.

Kiki is, by title, a witch. However, to become a full-fledged witch, she must move to another town and basically transition to adulthood.

Soon she learns this painful adult truth called rent. So she starts a delivery service by sweeping a broom.

There’s so much heart in that movie.

And when you look through the fantastical elements and symbols, you see a real human story here.

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