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There is no Final Fantasy story without villains and monsters terrorizing cities, guarding ancient ruins, or just trying to become gods, so to speak.

Ending their reign of terror is what drives our heroes to action.

But some of these bad guys are more motivated than others.

Not all bosses are created equal, and there are some in Final Fantasy that we love to hate.

Check out our picks for the coolest bosses in the entire Final Fantasy series.

30. Marlborough – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Marlboro has been a staple of Final Fantasy games since FF2. They first appeared as common enemies, a trait they have retained for much of their course – with a few exceptions.

In the excellent RPG FF Crystal Chronicles, Marlboro makes his first appearance as a real boss, with his cocktail for bad breath and an equally grotesque appearance.

You can also see this horror of Eldritch in the garden as the FFCC’s field supervisor: Crystal Media on the Nintendo Wii.

It’s just nice to see this loyal common enemy finally realize his dream of being the boss.

29. Be – Final Fantasy XIII

The orphan is nobody’s favorite boss.

But it gets a lot of points for having the most pretentious design of all the FFXIII patterns – and that’s saying a lot.

Orphan’Cie takes the form of a monolithic statue representing male and female forces as images of good and evil revolve around its angelic face. You’ll probably forget how the battle unfolded, but you won’t soon forget that this thing was the final boss of the game.

Besides battling climates and odd design decisions, Orphan was the energy Fal’Cie needed to keep the raccoon afloat. To defeat it is to defeat fate itself, which ultimately makes it a tepid fight.

28. Ardyn – Final Fantasy XV

If it had been a ranking of the best villains in the FF, Ardyn Izunia would have taken it much higher.

He’s a fantastic character with a cynical and humorous demeanor, a cool bohemian clothing style, and a tragic story.

Unfortunately, Ardin works better as a manipulative chancellor of Niflheim than he does as a boss.

The visuals are customizable during the fight, but Ardyn is simply not complex enough to make the fight worthwhile. Well, I think that was a problem for a lot of the fights in FXFV.

27. Behemoth – Final Fantasy II

Like Marlborough, Behemoth is a basic element of Final Fantasy. He’s always a mid to high mafia member and sometimes even a small boss.

This ferocious monster was presented in the second part of the series as the final boss, unleashed on our heroes by Emperor Palamecia.

It was a tough fight, and people loved the enemy, so it stayed that way.

Hippo has broadened his horizons in recent years, appearing as an endgame in Monster Hunter: Maneuvering the world with the Final Fantasy franchise is an absolute win for FF fans.

26. Ultros – Final Fantasy

Ultros, also known as Orthros in some games, is a recurring enemy of FFIV: The After Years, FFVI and many other titles in the franchise.

Although he’s a prankster’s enemy, with a ridiculous design and the appearance of an old man, fighting Ultros in some games can be tricky – especially when he’s accompanied by his sidekick Typhoon (who’s about as ugly as he is).

Despite the terrible jokes and weird design, the folks at Square-Enix seem to like it.

They even included it in the chapter about the king: FFXV and he is the final boss in Le Conte du roi: FFXV.

25. Needhogg – Final Fantasy XIV

Dravanias Wirmking has terrorized Kertas since the founding of Ishgard.

So it was only a matter of time before a group of intrepid adventurers had to deal with a majestic dragon.

This eccentric and affectionate beast is at the top of the food chain among dragons, and he can incite them to war in the form of the Dravan Horde, singing the Song of the Dragon.

Defeating this colossal draconian monster in the final stages of Faith can be incredibly difficult unless you have a well-organized group.

It will be a battle you and your brothers in arms will long remember.

24. Cloud of Darkness – Final Fantasy III

What I liked about the old Final Fantasy games was the creativity of their bosses.

Take Cloud of Darkness, for example.

The dark clouds on the horizon are not a dark omen or the effects of a dark spell in Final Fantasy III, but a real threat.

The Cloud of Darkness is an amalgam of chaotic elemental forces trying to destroy the crystals.

In a way, it manifests as a warm green lady emerging from a dark portal, making the event memorable for the teens.

23. Bhunivelze – lightning strike: Final Fantasy XIII-3

After levels of timeline madness, Dr. If that was you in Final Fantasy XIII-2, it’s no surprise that Lightning Returns has become such a unique game.

If your protagonist is a divine champion who continues to defy fate, you need to find him a suitable opponent – someone like the God of Light, perhaps.

Although he is an uninteresting character, Bhunivelze’s battles with him are incredible. The way it blends with the battlefield and changes as the battle progresses is haunting, and the beautiful soundtrack makes you feel the weight of the moment.

22. Golbez – Final Fantasy IV

In the classic look of the black knight comes Golbez, one of FFIV’s main opponents.

He runs into the dwarven castle when he tries to steal the crystal, and defeating him can be a big problem depending on your play style.

The soundtrack to this battle is amazing. At least you’ll have something to do while you try to subdue this mighty wizard.

Golbez would later become one of FFIV’s main playable characters: In After Years, where we see him pay for the wrongs he committed while being manipulated by Zemus. This gives much more meaning to fighting in FFIV.

21. Doctor Sid – Final Fantasy XII

Every Final Fantasy has Sid.

But they are not all created equal.

Sid, for the most part, seems to be an older character with a lot of technological knowledge. He is sometimes a supporter of the NPC, sometimes a member of a party – and very rarely a boss.

The most emblematic example is also the first.

Dr. Sid in FFXII is the chief explorer of Archadia and the creator of the Celestial Fortress of the Bahamas (which serves as the final dungeon in the game). He fought twice throughout the game.


Yiazmat is one of those boss fights that sticks in people’s minds as a traumatic experience.

At least for me it was. While some friends of the time seemed to penetrate it like it was nothing.

What made this fight so delicate is probably its absurd length.

Yiazmat is particularly frisky about his latest health, and the change of gear after hacking the damage for so long surprises people.

But hey, we need a fight like this every now and then to test our skills!

19. Five magisterial judges – Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac age

When we talk about great bosses in FFXII, we have to mention the Arcadian Magistrate Judges.

These self-proclaimed defenders of Archadia battle it out in the 100th and final stage of Trial mode – and this could be the toughest battle of the entire game.

As you’d expect from the elite guard of the House of Solidor, these knights are immune to the most common diseases – and Libra doesn’t give you any useful information about them, like how much HP they have left.

It will take a long time to finally defeat them. And you will remember your battle for years after you defeat the knights.

18. Wig Follies – Final Fancy Tactics

Some bosses are cool by design. Others are beloved for their role in history – and still others are simply inexcusably unjust.

Wigraph Falls is the leader of a terrorist organization known as the Corpse Brigade.

He’s a white knight with a few bad moves and the reason a lot of people dropped the GMP halfway through.

If you don’t build up your main character in a certain way, you won’t get through the third battle against Wiegraf, where Ramza is locked in a room with a knight for a forced one-on-one.

17. Gigantoir – FFVI

Cacti, like many other non-mobile cactus species, will not stop growing as long as the environment allows, and some never will.

Gigantuar first fought in FFIV and has since returned in many matches.

Games like FFXV all relate to the size of a person.

In FFXIII, he dominates your party on several floors.

This latest incarnation is one of my favorites because of its large size. It looks too ridiculous next to the polished design of the characters and the detailed graphics, and it’s hilarious.

16. Weapons – FFVII

Like our bodies, the planet of Final Fantasy VII has the means to protect us from dangerous organisms.

This weapon was created by the planet itself 2000 years before the events of the game, when Jenova’s alien life form first landed.

Now they are on a collision course, and you must stop them from destroying everything in their path.

These fights are tough.

Defeating these hideously powerful enemies was one of the most memorable moments of FFVII.

15. Ghost Train – FFVI

Final Fantasy is nothing if not creative.

And they have never been afraid to completely ignore the laws of nature.

This is the only explanation for the ghost train, where your group of three rides next to a high-speed locomotive and attacks it at the same time.

It’s the Ghost part that makes this battle so memorable. And maybe some of the memes.

This train is charged with bringing the souls of the dead to the afterlife. After the fight, Sian takes one last look at his family before leaving early.

14. Memory – Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle

The FFCC is one of my favorite entries in the franchise.

Not only is the gameplay unique in its formula, but the artistic style, the characters, and the construction of the world make it very appealing to me.

What I mean is, I’m biased in this game and maybe his last boss, Memiroa.

Memiroa is a fusion of Lady Mio and Raem, the main antagonist of the game. The name is an anagram of Memoria, which means memory in Latin. This ties in well with the main themes of the game.

The design is odd, like that of the final JRPG leaders, but it’s memorable, and the combat can be quite difficult. You may need help from the cooperative.

13. Gas flow – FFX

Seymour Flux is not the final boss of FFX – that would be Yui Yevon – but he is the most exciting of all the battles leading up to the end of the game.

He’s ridiculously strong.

So much so that the fight seems hopeless from start to finish.

In addition, he is supported by Mortiorkis, a challenge he uses as a throne in battle.

This allows him to activate 1 or 2 devastating combos that can destroy your entire party if you’re unlucky.

12. Trans Kuja – FFIX

Like FFX, its predecessor suffers from a terrible final boss.

I mean, what’s Nekron supposed to look like? What does he bring to the story? Wasn’t Trance Cui enough?

I would say the game would have been a lot better if it hadn’t ended until after the fight with Trance Cue.

It’s engaging, full of tension, and allows you to resolve the feelings you had for the character as you play.

Instead, Kuja drops Ultima after the defeat, sending you to Necron’s face and effectively ruining the ending with a useless extra boss.

11. Emet-Selch – FFXIV

The founder of the Garlen Empire, Solus Zos Galvus, played an important role in the history of FFXIV from the beginning.

And it all culminates in the expansion of Shadowbringers, where he reveals his true identity as Emet-Selch.

This Ascian PO is trying to sacrifice the entire world to resurrect his own people, clinging to a distant past that can’t be – at least not while you and millions of players around the world are out to stop him.

An epic encounter that solves so many mysteries will always be a fan favorite.

10. Indelible – FFXII

The final boss of Final Fantasy XII has no lifeline, he shoots you with a defensive hand cannon and has abs that embarrass everyone.

After Vaan fatally wounds him, Wine merges with Venat and some debris from the collapsed Bahamut Sky Fortress.

The result is the Pillar Man of Jojo’s whimsical adventure: Fighting tenderness.

This somewhat draconian magical cyborg boss will challenge even the most experienced FFXII players.

But the more you try, the sweeter the taste, to finally destroy this abomination.

9. Beatrix – FFIX

Bosses are not uncommon in the Final Fantasy series, but Beatrix from FFIX is the coolest of them all.

She is the commander of a women’s army serving the citizens of Alexandria, but rumor has it that she is the only one with the combat power of a small army.

If you believe in the game, Beatrix can single-handedly win the battle of Thermopylae for the Greeks.

She’s fought three times in the entire game, and you can’t beat her once.

At least you can steal her good stuff, including her sword. – Save the Queen.

8. Adamantoise – FFII

I love bosses who ruin the sense of scale, and Adamantoose has done it often.

It may not have been obvious when we first fought them in FFII, but when you look at those stubborn giants in the Gran Pulse fields in FFXIII, you get an idea of how insignificant our role is in the grand scheme of things.

In FFXV, this monster is even bigger and reaches the size of a mountain, which makes the sight of Noctis pushing it with his magic swords a bit ridiculous.

7. Neodood – FFV

You might think it would be bad for your health to go into something called the Void and be devoured by it – but not for the ex-dead.

No, Exdeath seems like a revitalized experience, coming back as Neo Exdeath is a horror of an Eldritch that bears no resemblance to the tree it once was.

This new form set a precedent for future Final Fantasy boss battles and helped make them the epic battles we love today.

6. Chaos – Final Fantasy

Chaos is the typical medieval fantasy of the final boss.

He looks like what you imagine the demon king to look like, right down to the angry dragon tail and evil faces on his knees.

Did I mention he also has a face in his groin?

No matter what you think of his appearance, Chaos makes you take him seriously with his devastating magical attacks and his ability to heal himself.

The first final boss in franchise history may not be the most unique, but he holds a special place in our hearts and deserves the honor of the position he holds.

5. Gilgamesh – FFV

Another immortal entry in our rankings is Gilgamesh, a warrior looking to test his sword against his strongest opponents.

This is the first time we see him as one of Ex-Death’s minions within FFV. But his stay is interrupted by an angry master after he makes a fool of himself with a fake Excalipoor sword.

This fighting spirit made Gilgamesh a hit with fans and earned it a place in most games in the franchise, including remakes of the early games.

4. Shinryu – FFV

This divine creature, also known as Nova Dragon, is the final boss of FFV and one of the strongest recurring creatures in later games.

Shinryu has a menacing design with claws, teeth, horns and razor sharp scales.

Everything about this dragon seems dangerous. And judging by his fighting spirit, he probably is.

This dragon is often included as an optional super boss that is somehow linked to obtaining Ragnarok, one of the most valuable and powerful weapons in the series.

3. Ultimecia – FFVIII

The eighth installment of the fantasy franchise has many advantages.

But his last boss is at the top of the list.

This powerful witch wants to compress the fabric of space and time into a single point to become a god – as usual.

It is interesting to note that he is the first true female main antagonist of the series (since Dark Cloud has no gender).

This multi-round fight can hit even the best parts. Don’t worry about it. A fantastic soundtrack accompanies the whole thing, so you’ll enjoy every minute until the final triumph.

2. Sephiroth – FFVII

If this list was about Final Fantasy’s most famous bosses, Sephiroth would be in the lead.

This single-winged angel fights in the heart of the northern crater at the end of FFVII.

The most terrifying form is Safe Sephiroth, a monstrous/angelic form with unspeakable power that is the last real challenge of the game.

No matter how old you are or how many times you’ve played FFVII, it always seems very important to finally defeat Sephiroth after he’s spent the entire game harassing you over and over again.

1. Kefka – FFVI

But even the apocalyptic ambitions of Sephiroth pale before Kefka’s FFWI.

This twisted buffoon and wizard is one of the most powerful villains in the series and probably his greatest success.

He manages to destroy the world and rule like a god for a while before our heroes finally defeat him.

In the final confrontation, he appears as a dark and seraphic Adonis, intimidating you with his divine power while slicing through your abs.

Such bosses don’t exist anymore.

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