Apex Update Fight Night Patch Notes, Update 1.55

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The Apex Fight Night Patch Notes have been released and the players are very excited about the 1.55 update of Apex Legends. In this game update many changes have been made and many bugs have been fixed. Here we will explore all the patch notes for this game that will help you find out the details of this update.

Fighting night notes update

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Apex Battle Night Update 1.55

This update can be downloaded on different platforms. The file size of this update is 16.5 GB. The download size for this update may vary depending on your device. This update fixes a series of bugs and problems.

Battle Apex Update Night Patch Notes

  • Apex Legends Update 1.55 allows players to explore a new, time-limited type of game, Birdsnatching, from a bird’s eye view.
  • Players can explore Pathfinder City.
  • Here you will find the collection of the Night Fighting Event, as well as the corresponding reward trajectory.
  • You will also find collectible cosmetics and a new heritage of Gibraltar.
  • You will also find some generous looting DNRMs here.
  • In addition, many bugs have been fixed with the Apex Fight Night Patch Notes update.

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Climbing silencer

In this update, stakeholders are testing a new approach called LTM. The developer will not have its own playlist, but will use Airdrop Escalation LTM in the usual Play Apex game mode. Immediately afterwards, you can easily get out of the melee and find a group of four supply points along the entire map. Each delivery contains fully equipped weapons of different levels, depending on the ammunition.

For example, the drops of the first round have two levels of weapons sets, and the drops of the fourth round contain armor and a coffin. In a conventional weapon it would be complete, it could not be broken or replaced by attachments. Normal weapons, as well as rifles, until they appear to be loot.

Urban scouting

Players can lay down their weapons and prepare for battle in Pathfinder’s Takeover City. When you enter the rings, you may not use weapons or skills. Then the only option would be to hit someone with cuffed fists.

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  • Hemlock: The damage was reduced from 22 to 20.
  • Mastiff: Spread 3/4 of a grain to reduce the maximum range by 4 strokes.
  • Bandit: The reserve bullets have been increased from 175 to 210.

Updating the ring

  • Now ring 5 is bigger.
  • The sixth ring will be the last.

Error correction

  • The developers solved an issue where the Bloodhound user interface would disappear after interacting with Horizon’s tactical function.
  • The problem of the trident destroying the Wraith portals has been solved.
  • The problem of the Bangalore missile going through the hatches when they close in Edge of Worlds has been solved.
  • The developers solved a problem with Mirage decoys that didn’t follow in their footsteps.
  • Solved a problem that could lead to players to teleport with Return if they hit him while he was in very poor health.

We have briefly explained the information about the night patches of Apex Update Fight, if you want to view detailed information, you can view it: Source:

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Last words

This was the complete guide to the patch notes for the Apex Update Fight Night. We would like to end this article with the hope that you have received all the information about this update. If you have any questions on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us in the Comment section. We are happy to answer your questions about the night patches of the Apex Fight update.


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