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Anyone who has played The Sims knows that dressers aren’t really for storing clothes. These clothes end up in the piles that cover the ground anyway.

It’s more a matter of aesthetics and the combination of function and decor.

After all, your dresser says a lot about you. There must be a difference in lifestyle between someone with a damaged dresser and a wardrobe. (No offense, but I definitely fall into the former category).

If you’re someone who pays a lot of attention to the look of every room in your Sim’s house, then you’ve probably been disappointed with the furniture in the game.

Sometimes you just need a little more. Oh, one more thing. And then some. Anyway, this is how it will be when I go to buy CC.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the coolest ways to assemble your bedroom or closet sim.

10. IKEA Nordli chest of drawers

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Stylish. Elegant. White.

At first glance, this IKEA-style chest of drawers may seem a little ordinary, but I think it’s very sophisticated.

Snow White furniture gives a certain style to any room.

And even if you don’t live entirely in white, this dresser is still the best of both worlds.

It matches perfectly with the wallpaper, floor or bed you choose, and doesn’t interfere with any decorations or clutter you may want to put on it.

9. Built-in wardrobe

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Lodges are a topic I’ve never really explored in The Sims 4.

Now I know what was missing from the homes of all my rich sims.

We can all join in on the boogie fun with this original 13 Pumpkin grid. Like many of the companies on this list, this integrated CC cabinet is designed to be custom made.

You have to fill all these shelves yourself.

It may be uncomfortable for some people, but I like the idea. Decide which items your Sim will have in her wardrobe, where they will hang and how they will be decorated.

It’s all your fault, Boo.

8. Amuar Land

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I don’t know what it is about wooden furniture that is slightly weathered that makes me want to move forward, but this plastic Country Cabinet is one of my favorite CCs on that list.

First of all, I admit I’m not entirely sure what a closet is. I don’t know if it’s a wardrobe or a dressing room.

All I know is that the game doesn’t have much furniture for people with more rustic tastes.

I’m definitely one of those players who is always looking for a touch of charm and rusticity in my Sims’ homes, whether it’s Willow Creek or Newcrest, and that’s my new mission.

7. Antique chest of drawers

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This large chest of drawers Oldbox is available in six variants, all equally glamorous.

Whatever look you’re after, I’m sure there’s something for you.

Looking for a more discreet and private wardrobe? Just black is the best choice.

You want to show off a little? Choose one of the versions with glass doors to display shoes, handbags or clothes inside.

There is also one with London-style images, with a red telephone box and a double-decker bus.

It’s definitely unique, and for that alone I have to applaud the creator.

The color scheme of the items on the shelves also works for many types of Sims. Show your Sims who they are by choosing from soft pastels, classic black and white, or bold red and beige.

6. Modular cabinet system with Alpha-Beta Phong

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It’s strange how I love the organization of all these boxes, shelves and hangers, considering that my own closet looks like Mount Crumpit.

I think deep down that’s what Sims is all about.

Keep your Sims on a higher level than you think, and live your dreams through them.

That makes sense. This Brazenlotus furniture is much cheaper for your sims, and let’s face it, they will look better.

5. Princess bedroom wardrobe

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This one really brings me back.

Designer Severinka called it Princess Closet, but it reminds me very much of the Barbie furniture I had a million years ago.

Maybe it wasn’t that long ago. But nostalgia aside, this wardrobe is really beautiful and lives up to its name.

With such a dainty design and such an elegant color palette, it’s perfect for a princess.

But you can put it in Johnny Zest’s trailer if you want. I’m not judging you.

4. Calligaris chest of drawers

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My love for rustic furniture and mid-century modern furniture is about equal. And this sideboard from SIMcredible manages to achieve both.

I think this one could work as several things.

The television table, the dresser, the old chest of drawers that everyone’s grandmother uses for family photos. There are enough models available so that you could theoretically use one in every room of your Sim’s house for different purposes without it looking too strange.

And who doesn’t like versatility?

Even if you only want one, it’s a wise choice.

I usually go for wood, but I think white is my favorite here. It’s the perfect mix of mid-century, with those fantastic thin legs, and modernity with the pattern.

3. Takapuna Compressor

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There are three versions, as different as they are identical.

Does that make any sense? Just me? That’s all I’m saying.

I mean, these dressers are essentially the same style, with some minor changes to accommodate different styles. One is a bit vintage, another has a slight nautical touch, and the last is strictly modern.

And luckily, there are cracks at the top and bottom! Where developers can let us down by not filling every interface in Sims Home, content creators always come to the rescue.

2. Bookcases and cupboards

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Here we have another small set that will work in multiple rooms.

Kitchen, office, bedroom – whatever you want, there’s a way to make it happen.

The possibilities are endless with a little creativity and maybe a little more CC hunting.

And if you need to watch out for space and don’t want to take up too much room in Sims closet, there’s nothing more compact than that.

This coat rack fits exactly between two shelves that can be stored in different ways. Books, pictures, boxes, plants – everything works here. If you want to put some clothes on, you certainly can.

This is one of the most beautiful and subtle ways to add a touch of realism to a Sim’s living space. I think I’ve seen him in some form or another more in real houses than anything else.

1. Hold on to the whole cabinet

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Saving the best for last, as they say.

It’s not as extensive in the cabinet as some of the others I’ve listed, and it’s more for the reasonable sims out there.

RAVASHEEN is very close to the style of Maxis, and it’s a real pleasure to see it.

Flowing lines, perfectly symmetrical drawers and shelves, straight grooves for clutter.

* Kiss the cook * Mwah, you’re pretty!

You may have to put in some effort to make your Sim’s Hang Around Closet look like a demo screenshot for this CC, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

frequently asked questions

What are the best companies?

The 9 best walk-in bedrooms of 2021

What is the best color for a wardrobe?

The most popular colors for Vasantu style approved cabinets are light wood, neutral colors and white. If the cabinets take up a large part of the room, choose colors that look homogeneous and even. Moreover, these colors reflect light and give the room a sense of space.

What is the difference between a wardrobe and a cabinet?

A closet is a large storage cabinet that usually has a combination of drawers, shelves and hanging rails. … The cabinet is self-contained, usually made of wood, and has one or two doors and a hanging rail.

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