Calico Achievement Guide

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This guide describes the steps to reach 100% at Calico. If you are one of those Calico players who intends to get all the achievements of the game, then this guide is for you.

Before you start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers about the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

Calico performance review

Here is a map to help you find each achievement.

Open your doors – make your new coffee for customers.

  • To do this, you have to put furniture in the café, find an animal that follows you and make a recipe. All this may be accompanied by search tracking information on the right side of the screen. This is the first task you will perform.

Pathfinder – Clear the path to the snow mountains

  • For this achievement you need to complete the Trail to the Mountain quest, which is initially initiated by a conversation with Maya. Maya sent you in the fall. Bring her cat, Char, and autumn will make you a drink to raise one of your pets and break the mountain blockade. It also unlocks the Giant Racer’s exploit.

Big City – make your way to the city of candy.

  • To do this, you need to complete the Big City Dreams quest line after unlocking the Snowbell Mountains area. Once you have access to the mountains, go to Cutie City via the mountain path. There will be building cats on your path that you can use to start a series of searches.
  • The steps of the search are as follows: Go to the building cats, talk to Freya, talk to Maya, talk to Ash, deliver supplies to Loomie, meet them at Freya’s, talk to the building cats, make bagels, tell the cats there are bagels in the café.

Access to the beach – Clear Clover Beach

  • To obtain this result, you must launch the Corporate Retirement Questionnaire after opening up the Cute City district. Go to the big red (poisonous) flowers and talk to the standing black cat to start your search. Complete the search and the performance will be displayed.
  • The search levels are as follows: Ask for the beach in the city (Safina), find a flower expert (Poppy), talk to Kira, talk to Poppy, get some sleep, and finally talk to Safina.

The big decision is to open up the entrance to the Golden Grove.

  • For this achievement you need to solve the Big Issue problem after opening up the Clover Coast area. When you’ve done it and the big cat moves, you’ll get it done.
  • The steps of this investigation are as follows: Talk to Kai, tell him about the giant cat pole, get something special from Estelle, go back to Kai and tell him everything went well.

Witch Road – Clear the entrance to the witch forest.

  • To unlock this achievement, you must follow the secret of the Witchwoods’ Quest Line after unlocking access to the Golden Grove area.
  • The search levels are as follows: Talk to Daisy, talk to autumn, get the magical essence of all the witches on the island, bring a magic mouse to the giant cat, wait, talk to Rose and finally talk to Kiva.

Giant Rider – Ride a giant animal.

  • All you have to do is jump one of the big animals. There are some in the Snowbell Mountains, or you can have a drink in the fall through the Trail to Mountain Quest. Give it to one of your pets and the show will go on.

Social Butterfly – Get to know all the inhabitants of the island.

  • To achieve this, you need to open up all areas and interact with every citizen. There is a total of 22 inhabitants.
  • You know if you need to find anyone else by looking at your map. Question marks on the map indicate that you have not yet met the people of the city.

The inhabitants of the cities are distributed over the region as follows:

Heart village:

  • Autumn
  • Kiva
  • Maya
  • Maribel
  • Poppy
  • Estelle
  • Axis
  • Sunny
  • Bloom
  • Lily
  • Oliver

Snowbell Mountains:

Dear city:

  • Shin
  • Safeena
  • Lee
  • Steve
  • Malcolm

Clover Coast:

Golden Grove:


Animal Charmer – Discover all the animal species on the island.

  • To do this, you have to deal with different kinds of animals. The island is home to 13 different animal species.
    1. Cats
    2. Dogs
    3. Birds
    4. red panda
    5. Bear
    6. Capybara
    7. Washbasins
    8. Ferret
    9. Pigs
    10. Red deer
    11. Rabbit
    12. Horses
    13. Fox
  • Cats, birds and dogs are all over the island. For the first time you will meet a bear, a capybara, a hare, a fox and a deer in the Snowbell Mountains. You will meet the red panda if you do a quest related to Kiva. There are pigs, horses and ferrets on the clover coast.

Animal Expert – Get to know all the animals on the island.

  • To do this, you must pick up or pick up every animal on the island accordingly. I think there are 56 animals in total. When they are all collected, open the animal’s page and the achievement will be shown. Well, there are:
    • 20 cats
    • 9 dogs
    • 4 pigs
    • 3 birds
    • 3 Capybara
    • 2 horses
    • 2 Fox
    • 2 deer
    • 2 rabbits
    • 2 ferrets
    • 2 racecourses
    • and a red panda.

Complete cooking – add your favourite recipes to your coffee menu

  • All cooking recipes must be purchased to unlock this performance. Some recipes can be bought from merchants such as Oliver and Estelle. Others can be found as a reward for completing the search for different inhabitants of the city. There is no need to re-create every recipe to unlock it. Here are the following recipes available in the game:
    • That’s good:
      • Donut
      • Rolled cake
      • Cookie
      • Cupcake
      • Cinnamon Brioche
      • Flan
      • Bob’s tea
    • Spicy:
      • Café
      • Bread
      • Crescent moon
      • Bagel
      • Muffin
      • Scone
      • Sandwich
    • Attractive
      • Cake
      • Cheesecake
      • Macaroni
      • Cream puffs
      • Taiyaki
      • Tartlet
      • Cornet

Helping Hand – Perform all the tasks required by the inhabitants of the city.

  • To do this, you have to perform all the tasks of every citizen. Most city dwellers have a total of two tasks, but some only have one, and one even has three guests. There are also basic quests that must be completed in order to unlock zones.
  • You can determine whether you still need to search for the person by checking the heart rate monitor. When it’s full, you’ve done all your chores. Some searches require certain areas to be opened up before they begin, for example. B. Quests with Maya and Xin.
    • Requests from the residents of the city and Heart Village :
      • Autumn: Wellness day
      • Autumn: Focus Focus
      • Kiva: Request to begin
      • Kiva: Magic mixer
      • Maya: Owl lamp
      • Maya: Some pig.
      • Maribel: Fashion photo shoots
      • Maribel: Brave pigeons do a mean thing.
      • Poppy: A happy daddy
      • Poppy: Cafe Cat Cafe Croissants
      • Estelle: Delivery of the goods
      • Estelle: Help with an assistant
      • Ashes: Scary, scary furniture
      • Ashes: Prism fracture
      • Sunny: Birthday date
      • Sunny: Trixie cases
      • Flower: Welcome to the area
      • Flower: Sweet tooth
      • Lily: Mould sports
      • Lily: Magical Catastrophe
    • People and quests in the Snowbird Mountains:
      • Loomis: Onsen Master
      • Loomis: The Capybara Collection
      • Freya: Feathered friends
      • Freya: Snack exchange
    • Sweet City Citizens & Quests:
      • Malcolm: Dance
      • Lee: Arcade heroes
      • Lee: Online shopping
      • Xin: Variety is a spice.
      • Xin: Saving Mr. Snuggles
      • Safina: Murr-Fect marketing data
      • Safina: The venture capital cat
      • Steve: Sweet magic potion.
    • The townspeople and the cloverleaf:
      • Kai: New friends
      • Kai: A lighthouse that’s gone dark…
    • Fees for city dwellers and Golden Grove :
      • Daisies: Protective mouse
      • Daisies: Urban mouse.
      • Gabby: Matchmaker
    • The villagers and the quests of the witch forest:
      • Rose: A beginner’s guide to witchcraft.
      • Rose: Take those broken wings and learn to fly.
      • Rose: A blessing for the birds

Take the flight. – Take an animal up in the air.

  • To achieve this, you must follow the quest Take the Broken Wings and Learn to Fly given to you by Rose in the Witch Forest. After a visit to autumn, you can use the same enlarged magic potion you used on the bird in the previous game. There’s a crow near the fall house, that’s handy. Use it on a bird and you’ll get the show.

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