Facebook redesigns Public Pages with simplified layout and Drops Like Button

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Facebook renews its public pages with a simplified design and removes the Like

Facebook redraws its public pages: The social network today announced a major overhaul of its Facebook page for creatives and community leaders, including a brand new look, redesigned navigation, the launch of a special news feed and a brand new question-and-answer format to hire followers, along with other ideas and tools. With this redesign, the Like button is removed or omitted to focus attention on the followers.

If you have followed or liked Facebook Pages, you must have noticed that the page has both flavors and followers with different numbers. Thanks to this redesign, it is now possible to directly measure how many people currently have access to the site. TechCrunch reported a few months ago that Facebook was planning a page update and had started testing the new look with a number of high-profile people, including actors, creatives and business people.

New Page Experience Facebook Public Page Redesign; Image Credits : Facebook

Facebook redraws the Public Pages with a simplified layout and removes the Likebutton.

As mentioned before, one of the biggest changes is that there will be no more similar buttons. Many Facebook users liked the page, but then deleted it to remove their updates from their newsfeed because they no longer paid attention to it. Or they keep the page as a favor to a friend after receiving a similar request, but refused to update it.

Facebook now says that the fans of the page will be the benchmark that will be at the forefront of the new experience, because it will show much better how many people are fans who receive updates from the site. Facebook is also introducing a new question and answer format to help Pages better connect with their fans or followers. This approach is somewhat inspired by Instagram’s tendency to answer questions from fans in Stories. In such cases, however, followers may ask Page questions about the subject, and when Page answers, they become a set of questions that people can scroll through to learn more.

This can be especially useful for companies looking for answers to frequently asked questions in an attractive way, so that fans can discover which designers they like, among other things. Another notable change is that the pages get their own newsfeed. This means that the page itself can participate in discussions, follow trends and interact with its fans as a public figure or brand.

With this special newsfeed you can also see other personalities, pages, groups and trend articles on the site or a personality you can communicate with. This is a good thing for users, because when you see the page, their opinions about other people’s posts are placed at the top of the comment section, making them more visible, and a more prominent blue stick indicating that the page is being viewed. The messages they comment on are also visible in the information flows of the users. According to Facebook, the updated pages will be rolled out in the coming months. Here’s our take on the redesign of Facebook’s public pages. For more articles like this, stay tuned!

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