How to avoid DMCA takedowns on Twitch and YouTube

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DMCAs have been very expensive in recent months, especially on Twitch where there have been many copyright strikes on old VODs. This is a thorny issue, especially now that it’s likely that not only video and VOD, but also livestreams will be tracked by AI robots to check if you’re using copyrighted content. Potentially, this could lead to a real takeover by the DMCA!

There are many things you can do to make sure you never have to deal with a DMCA dismantling or copyright strike.

1. Remove old VODs and videos that may contain copyrighted material

Both Twitch and YouTube are able to manage creator content that appears on VOD and videos. On Twitch, they use AI to turn off parts of your VOD if they think copyrighted music is being used. Several things can happen on YouTube when you use copyrighted material; 1. Tracking, the owner of copyrighted material can track your video analysis, 2. 3. Monetization, the owner of the protected material can monetize the video, but it can remain on YouTube, and Delete, the owner of the protected material can ask you to remove copyright infringing videos from your channel (3 strikes and you can be banned).

However, it’s a good idea to check old VODs on Twitch and delete them if you think they contain copyrighted material. If you don’t want to lose the content, consider downloading the VODs and posting them to the VOD YouTube channel. On YouTube, copyrighted content is much more likely to be left alone, especially since the copyright owner can make money from your content. I also recommend you watch your old videos on YouTube and look for copyrighted material. There’s no need to remove the video from YouTube, but it’s probably a good idea to recognize the potential risks of a strike. If the video is outdated and not working properly, consider removing it to reduce the risk of an impact.

2. Use non-copyrighted music in your content

If you want background music in your stream, use non-copyrighted music. This would simply prevent any possibility of a copyright strike. Remember that some music not protected by copyright requires respect from the creator. If you need an excellent recommendation, you should check out Free Copyright, their music is completely free of copyright and requires no credit. Plus, it will never be copyrighted, so you won’t have to worry about it in the future. Here are their links;

Free Copyright

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3. Check before you play something.

This is another preventative method. Some games contain copyrighted music, and while it doesn’t happen that often, it can happen. Before you play a new streaming or video game, you may want to do a search beforehand to check if the game contains any copyrighted music. If he just turns off the music in the game settings and uses some of the royalty-free music suggested above. In some cases, the game may include a secure streaming mode. Allows you to delete music and, in some cases, other copyrighted content.

In summary, the DMCA has faced an increasing number of attacks and strikes related to copyright infringement. Especially as companies develop better ways of using different technologies to find unused protected material. It is best not to use copyrighted material, and while this may seem obvious, it is sometimes difficult to find alternatives. I hope this article helps you avoid any surprises caused by the DMCA.

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Can I stream on YouTube and Twitch at the same time? Yes! Once you have your feed set up on OBS, you can stream it to the platform of your choice. There are many options for this, such as B. Restream, which allows you to stream simultaneously on multiple streaming platforms.

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DMCA and Twitch The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a set of laws in the US that allow you to create and share content with digital service providers like Twitch. … When we receive a DMCA notice, we will amend it in accordance with our DMCA policy.

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