How to check your Valorant elo?

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The title of Valorant shooter, recently published by Riot Games, takes the world by storm. The game is only in its second season and has already built a huge player base and continues to grow.

Valorant, like most of its competitors, offers a competitive game mode that allows serious players to test their skills against each other. The game also has leaderboards that help determine a player’s skill level.

These ranks are based on a hidden system that assigns a number to each player’s skill. The higher the number, the higher the rank. The number, usually called Elo, is hidden and there is no way to verify your location.

However, in a Github thread, a user named RumbleMike has created a small software that can reveal your brave Elo and your ranking points. In this article, we will talk about this tool and how you can use it to your advantage.

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We need to launch the tool first. Learn how to install the tool and test your Valorant elo in six easy steps.

Step one: Go to Github and download the latest version of Valor Stream Overlay.

Step two: Unzip the downloaded zip file to a folder of your choice.

Step three: After unpacking, navigate to the unzipped folder and run the ValorantStreamOverlay.exe file.

Note that the application may ask you to download and install the .NET kernel. Make sure you download the x86 version, regardless of your operating system architecture.

Step four: Once you open the application, you will see that it is invalid and your RP and Elo will appear as zeros. Indeed, we still need to log into our Valorant account in this tool.

To do this, right-click anywhere in the tool and click Settings.

Step Five: From the Settings menu, enter your username and password, make sure it is the region you chose in the game, and set the Refresh option for the application. You can also change the skin of the application using the Skin drop-down list.

Click Apply when you are finished. The overlay closes automatically when you need to restart.

Step six: Once the application is restarted, it will show you your rank, rating points, Elo goodbye, and rating points that have changed in the last three games played.

Here’s a brief description of everything on the overlay.

  • Rank: Your current competitive spirit (1 in the picture).
  • Assessment points/ELO : These are your current and Elo assessment points. For every 100 ranking points you get a new ranking. Your Elo is the cumulative sum of all your ranking points so far (indicated as 2 in the figure).
  • Amendments to the RP : Here are the point changes in your ranking for the last three games you played (marked as 3 in the figure).

Note that the Valorant Elo number shown here is not an official riot number. The developer’s calculation indicates that your Elo will be approximate, so take it with a pinch of salt – your actual valiant Elo and rank may be slightly higher or lower than what is displayed.

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