How to complete Coup de Grace in Destiny 2

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The weekly reset of Destiny 2 is here, which means there is new content for the Guardians to explore. This week we have access to a brand new reporting assignment that determines the direction of the campaign for the coming weeks. The mission Coup de Grâce is now available, as predicted by many players. In this guide we will show you how to perform Coup de Grace in Destiny 2.

To start the search, talk to Uldren (or Raven) at Tangled Shore and enter the Cryptolith Lur update area. Buy Enhanced Seeker II so you can equip the Cryptolite with the right combo to hunt the celebrity Xivu Arath. You have to have row 7 to buy an item.

How to perform the coup de grâce in Fate 2

After picking up the upgraded Seeker II and speaking with Spider to start the hunt, you can proceed to the new Deadly Death Blast Passage in the City of Dreams and place the kryptolytic bait. If you take the bait, you must contact the Supreme Celebrant. You can’t damage it until you’ve destroyed the Angry Knight and retrieved the Angry Lover. The High Celebration will retreat to the Ascension Level, to which you have access by destroying the recurring threat of Orb. If you have problems with this section, please read the error section below.

You have to find the tear on the plane, so keep following the trail of blood. Destroy the Orb again to return to the city of dreams. You need to reactivate the High Celebrant and repeat the process at the Rapture level. Keep following the boss until the Ogre Christmas is born. Take him out and put the bait. Then you need to jump over invisible platforms to reach the Rapture level portal.

The first invisible platform is located on the right side of the deck. They continue to multiply in a spiral towards the portal. Go through the portal to go to the next part.

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Explore the Ascendant plane and destroy all enemies that stand in your way. You will eventually arrive in the region where you will compete with the High Festival. Don’t forget to destroy the green enemies so the vengeful Buffalo can damage the boss. If the boss is low enough, you can finally finish him and end the search.

To correct a finishing error

On the other hand, the search for Coup de Grace in Destiny 2 seems to contain some bugs. If you inflict too much damage on a boss, he becomes unreachable. Try not to melt the cartridge too fast, otherwise you might get an error and have to restart.

There is another bug with Tasks Blights that should give you access to the ascending zone. If you attack them with primary ammunition, they can sometimes become immune. Try a shotgun if you’re in trouble. The biggest problem is that you can’t damage the uncovered lanterns enough to carry you to the plane.

There’s a good chance that Bungie will solve this problem pretty soon, because it’s a pretty serious bug that is hampering the progress of some players. You can try to restart the director’s mission if you have problems.

There is also a small chance to fall as a reward for this quest, but that is not guaranteed. You can do this quest once a week per character if you really want the fourth character.

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