How to fix ISDone.dll error on Windows 10 [BEST METHODS]

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The error message may vary slightly, but is always included in the ISDone.dll dialog. If it appears, you cannot install or run the game.

The problem is mainly due to lack of memory or hard drive for the game, but it can also be due to corrupted DLL files. To correct the ISDone.dll error when installing or running a game.

How to fix error ISDone.dll in Windows 10?

1. with Restoro

Restoro is a software solution that solves many IT problems. Especially if the cause is not entirely clear.

You can use Restoro for problems such as BSoD (Black Screen of Death), DLL problems, crashing computers and many others.

DLLs and Registries are valuable data libraries that Windows uses to function properly.

As a result, damaged or missing DLLs or registry keys can be a major cause of crashes, lockups and error messages, and even prevent you from running Windows software and functionality in general.

Unfortunately, registries and DLLs are piles of data that are difficult for even advanced users to configure properly without advice or even help from Microsoft.

Moreover, restarting the Windows operating system is one of the few really effective solutions to correct these errors, but this solution has too many drawbacks.

To avoid all this, you can always turn to third-party automated solutions, and few are as good as Restoro. It automates almost every aspect of the PC repair process, from scanning to the actual repair.

Follow this short guide to find out how to restore your PC’s optimal performance with Restoro :

  1. Download and install Restoro
  2. Start Restoro
    • Restoro is now collecting data about your PC.
  3. Wait until it finds issues with system stability and possible malware infections.
    • Once the scan is complete, Restoro will show you an overview of the current status of your PC.
  4. Click on Start recovery.
    • Restoro will now start downloading and replacing the damaged registries, DLLs and other corrupted files found during the scan.
    • This is made possible by online libraries that are used for comparison and replace damaged data with their functional equivalent.
  5. Restart your PC for all changes to take effect.

Now your computer should be working fine and you won’t have to worry about slow response times, BSoD errors or anything like that.

Disclaimer : Some specific actions require this program to be updated from the free version.

2. Check the system requirements for the game

First, make sure your laptop or desktop computer has the required configuration for the game. Make sure your computer has the minimum required memory and that your hard drive has enough free space for the game.

If there is not enough free disk space, uninstall some programs to free up more disk space.

Also note that you need a 64-bit Windows platform to run the game, which is only compatible with 64-bit platforms. If your platform is 32-bit, check the Windows platform game specification.

If you want to know how to distinguish a 32-bit application from a 64-bit application, read this short article and learn everything you need to know about it.

To check your own system, right-click on the Start button and select System. Scroll to the specified system type.

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