How to network effectively for streaming on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook

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Streaming is one of the most difficult hobbies. Channel growth is such a challenge because the algorithm that runs Twitch makes it incredibly difficult for small streams to gain attention. In the end, Twitch benefits from higher numbers, and it is far less profitable for the U.S. streaming giant to help new streamers.

While there is more flexibility in terms of the possibility of discovery on YouTube Gaming and Facebook, you are still competing with other users of the platform and have less of an audience for live content compared to Twitch.

This is where networking becomes a valuable part of streaming. While the ultimate goal is to grow your channel with organic viewers – viewers who come through research and return regularly – networking can help you rank for this natural growth.

Here’s what you can use to create an effective network.

Disagreements between communities

One of the most powerful tools a bannerman has had in recent years is Discord. It has implemented many aspects of previous voice communication tools, such as TeamSpeak and Ventrilo, into an easy-to-use social platform.

It’s easy to create Discord and invite others into it, and one of the best ways to use it is simply to spend time in communities with new people. This can be in the Discord community of your favorite stream, or a stream that you think fits your interests. Many Discord streamer communities offer a channel where you can promote your stream, which can help get your stream known.

But if you just join the Discord community and post your channel, you won’t get very far. It is unlikely that anyone will join you if you don’t make yourself known in the community. Get to know the members of these communities and become their friends, as this will increase the chances that new friends will join your group. This takes time, but can have long-term benefits.

Spending time in other areas

Twitch is a large community divided into several sub-communities, with small groups centered around banners. Behind each host is a person, and everyone, especially if you are at the beginning of your Twitch journey, wants to make new friends and grow as a banner and as an individual. If you feel the same way, then you know how nice it is to see someone visit your stream and have a good connection with you.

It works similar to Discordance in that you enter a chat room with a streamer and chat with them and their community, which is a great way to connect with others. The more you get to know them, the better relationships you can build and the more likely they are to join your stream. You might even find something that inspires you to improve your own flow.

social media

The use of social media has become essential to the success of many businesses, and streamers are no different. When creating a social media audience from scratch, using Facebook and Twitter can be a great tool for discovering new streamers. Create accounts for your channel, actively publish and participate in group discussions that offer help and discovery opportunities for your stream. Some popular hashtags related to your content can also help you on Twitter.

Mobile social media should not be ignored, as Instagram and TikTok are among the best platforms for getting discovered through the use of keywords and hashtags. If you can build an audience by publishing fresh content on these platforms, you can eventually use this as a way to increase your Twitch audience.

Create content from other sources

If you want to enter the world of content creation, YouTube is the best place to find the audience you are looking for. Video-on-demand is much better for discovery than live content because it is almost always available. So if you’re looking to supplement your video stream on Twitch, look for ways to use YouTube to further this passion for content creation.

While you can easily stream your video to your YouTube account, it usually doesn’t help you find the viewers you want. The same goes for special packaging and recycled content in your own stream.

Interesting and original content gives new viewers a reason to watch your channel even outside of your stream. You can even use your stream to complement your original content, such as by streaming gameplay clips in a review. The higher the quality you can produce, the more likely you are to reach the right audience and increase your live audience on Twitch.

Frequently asked questions

Can I stream on Facebook and Twitch at the same time?

Streamlabs’ new multi-streaming feature gives streamers the ability to stream simultaneously on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. It is the only multi-streaming feature fully integrated into the popular desktop live streaming tool as a first-party integration.

Can you broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube at the same time?

Can I stream on YouTube and Twitch at the same time? Yes, once you have your stream set up on OBS, you can simply stream it to the platform of your choice. There are many options for doing this, such as Restream, which allows you to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

How can I broadcast from Facebook on Twitch?

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