How to Solve Dartmoor Murder Mystery in Hitman 2

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In the mission Hitman 3 – Resources, motives and abilities, you must solve the murder mystery or you will not progress. In the beginning you have to disguise yourself as a private detective hired by Alexei Carlyle, who is your real target. After you kill them, you should get the file. In this guide, you’ll find the exact solution to the Dartmoor murder problem, where to find the case file in Hitman 3, and how to complete other tasks.

Step 1: Disguise private detective

When the mission begins, rendezvous at Alexa Carlisle’s state. Find a private detective and kill him. He poses as a detective to find the real suspect in Zachary’s death. You’ll find it at the main entrance to the estate. You just have to follow him, catch the target and steal his clothes.

Step 2: Talk to Alexa Carlisle

Speak to the butler at the front desk who will lead you to Alexa Carlisle. The first will lead you inside, and the second will ask you to look at the body. Then you can meet Alexa Carlyle. Follow the instructions below.

  • 1. Zachary’s body
  • 2. A glass of whiskey with a bottle

  • 3. Zachary’s laptop
  • 4. Zachary’s suicide note

  • 5. The Secret Room
  • 6. Plan of the country house

From the main entrance look at the library at the left side of the room. Pull one of the books to open the secret room. Look through the left wall, then look back into the plane, look to the right near the clear mirror.

Step 3: Conversation with Buller

Talk to Mr. Fernsby and keep looking for clues. You have to talk to different family members to get a clue. Now the reconnaissance begins. You need to go through the house and find more evidence. To do this, quickly follow the instructions below to find the right clues and then finally talk to Alexa Carlisle.

Talk to the following people:

  1. Gregory Carlisle.
  2. Edward Carlisle.
  3. Emma Carlisle
  4. Rebecca Carlisle.
  5. Patrick Carlisle.
  6. Talk to the maids.

All family members are in the house, you have to find them one by one and start a conversation. Then explore their rooms and find the following clues.

1. Emma and Gregory’s room:

  • Place: Level 1 (northwest of the building)
  • A letter from Emma’s mother
  • Greenhouse key ring
  • Bulldogstick
  • Shoes and footprints

Emma’s room is locked, you have to break the door down. Pick up the scrap metal, it’s in front of the greenhouse. Use it to pick the lock and then climb on the window to collect clues.

2. Rebecca’s Indoor Clubs:

  • Place: Level 1 (south-eastern part of the building)
  • Rebecca’s notebook
  • Rebecca’s laptop

Again, the door is locked and you can’t get in by breaking the window. You must climb over a nearby window and use the ledge to reach the room window. All you have to do is collect two clues and you’re on your way.

3. Mr. Fernsby’s room:

  • Staff room (ground floor)
  • a half-burned Zachary journal…
  • Mr. Fernsby’s list
  • Mr. Fernsby’s Pills

The butler who welcomed you is hiding something from you. You should also check out this room, go up to the first floor and explore the staff room. Use a crowbar to break the lock, because there is no other way to get in. These three pieces of evidence will play a crucial role in solving the murder.

4. Cash points :

  • At the bottom of the state
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Poisoned Dose Table

The last and final place to look is the greenhouse. These are important clues, and this is where you solve the murder mystery.

Step 4: Back to Alexa Carlisle

There will be three names in front of you. One of them is the killer. Choose Emma and the case will be solved. You get your reward from a woman. You can also blame the butler or Zachary, and it won’t change anything at the end of the mission. You get your reward even if you accuse the wrong person.

Alexa Carlisle realizes Agent 47’s true identity, and she gives him the file so he doesn’t kill her. Just follow her to get the file, you have to kill her or leave her alone. The goal is to get the file. Now you know all about solving a murder and how to get the file into Hitman 3.

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