I think I’ve figured out everything about Saltzpyre (not a joke)

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(sorry if my English is bad)

TL;DR: Salzpir has offered himself to Chainch to gain knowledge and insight into the Scavens and possible futures, as literally everything about him in the game, especially the rules on Dragonrock, implies.

Everyone always thought there was something wrong with Salty, and I was one of them, until I thought about his eye, and the fact that he was probably a direct descendant of Centch….. And after some thought and research…., this all makes sense. Cepetch’s knowledge attracts those who seek knowledge, and Salty is in a perpetual quest for knowledge about Skaven, and that he lost his right eye, just like everyone else who trades with Cepetch….. He just seemed to me like someone who could be close to Gypsy, especially knowing that Gypsy is trying to undo the end of time, and he actually looks like someone who is now….haggling with Gypsy over his eye. And in that mine, when Salty was desperate, Gypsy reached out to him, and almost every whisper in Drachenfel reinforces that idea. Salty responds to it, too: he seems vulnerable, guilty, he knows Drachenfels is right (I think Drachenfels’ own voice is right).

I’ll try to explain it quickly and I’m assuming people know the Warhammer tradition because otherwise it would be so long, so I’ll explain things without quoting the sources (for now), but remember that the Gods of Chaos are not evil in themselves (remember that Horn only favors champions who perform impressive feats in duels against worthy foes, rather than the useless bloodshed that his stupid followers have yet to understand…) or because Archan himself sees the Gods of Chaos as tools, he is the one who wants to bring about the end of times, not the Gods of Chaos).

I’m going crescendo:

  • “Your father was a blacksmith. A strong man. An uncompromising man. Who do you see in the mirror, Victor? “An uncompromising man” might suggest that Salty is very compromised because of TzeentchNote: Tzeentch traders do not appear in the mirrors (as in the WH3 trailer of Total war).
  • “Are you fighting for Sigmar, Victor? Or your own petty pride**? **I’m not sure I understand what “petty pride” means, but it is known that those who negotiate with the Gypsies seek knowledge and power for their own pride, like Salta and her fight against the Skavens : I see this as a character trait of people connected to the Gypsies’ share, not that you really evolve when you are his pawn (is it clear ? I’m not sure).

The following two types go together:

  • “You are no different than the one you hunt, little Viktor. He is a witch hunter, the winds of magic are fragments of tsentch, so he hunts those who share with him a vision of tsentch, sorry if I didn’t explain it well, but I think you understood.
  • “Little Victor… Even your order thinks you’re an idiot. What would the others say if they knew? “…if they knew he was hiding a very important question about his true identity, and how his affair with the necklace made him into something he had to fight with his Order…. ….

I would like to quickly mention this point, for which I cannot find a good explanation, especially next to the next line:

  • The Grey Seer saw your truth when he took your eye, didn’t he? The Grey Seer is said to have taken Salty’s eye and seen the truth behind it, but legend has it that he lost his words in the mine….. Maybe giving a gypsy an eye doesn’t have an immediate effect? And the gray prophet saw Salty’s nature change behind him. I think you slowly lose your eye as a sign of corruption as Gypsy’s influence increases, but in any case this rule is strange.

And then……”The others think you’re wrong, but they’re wrong.” It’s a sacrifice. A vow never to be as blind as you were in Skaggerdorf. ”

Well, that’s… it’s, uh… Is literally everything, not all of the above lines are relevant besides this ….Literally says he put out his own eye, a sacrifice, a vow to Cepchu to gain knowledge and visions of Skaven and the future to come, which also explains a conversation he had with Kerillian, about how he too sometimes has dreams that reek of possible prophecy. This sentence is the perfect definition of everything that happens when you negotiate with Chain.

There could be several reasons for this: the main one is that if Archaon destroys the world, the Chaos Gods will disappear (or be greatly reduced) as they are, and their Chaos Kingdom is a reflection of the material world. Tzeentch, the only god who can predict his own end, tries to stop Archaon In the Total War franchise, this is absolutely supported: The Advisor is an agent of Tzeentch (whose right eye is Salty) who tries to help the player (i.e., each faction) rise up and eventually challenge Archaon; and when you play the role of Archaon, it actually turns against you in a very specific way (in fact, Tzeentch is directly involved in fighting YOU, the invasion of Chaos).

This is not to say that Salty would become a champion of total drug addict chaos, Cepch is actually known to have a very subtle effect on almost everyone as he plays a huge game of control over the actions of every living being; Sometimes I’ve even charitably
guessed what happened in the
mine when Salty came out without an eye, that he felt so guilty about his inaction and killing an innocent man that Cepch reached out and offered his help against the Skavens; it actually suited them both, and we know that Salty was willing to cooperate with almost anyone who could help him We know that “he refrains from arguing with anything overtly evil or

demonic,” and that “he is finally ready to fight on the side of anyone, as long as they are not obvious enemies of Sigmar and the Empire.”

I think what the wiki says can be taken with tweezers, official traditions are always known to be misleading in certain nuances, especially on Chaos . So, instead of trusting every word, we should take note of the superficial thought, especially
this sentence: “Moreover, his lack of aversion to cooperation with other races separates him even more from his species. So I assume that Sunny would
want to take
against his enemies
, and knowing Cepch, he could probably be considered a temporary ally of the Imperium (as some vampire groups have done recently), even though the Imperium probably doesn’t want these two “allies”,
This suggests that it’s likely that Solti doesn’t really know who he made the deal with, it’s very likely that Tsentch somehow persuaded him to make that promise….but this time it was actually for the good…

I was not aware of your views on this, particularly one that would contradict that theory ….

(I apparently have a hard time understanding how writing and editing works on Reddit, too bad if something goes wrong).

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