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Bobcat Bubsy had a short and difficult life. He made his debut on 16-bit systems as a furry mascot because every company and its neighbor thought that was what they needed to make money. His grandiose plans to conquer the world with merchandising, games and animated series failed due to mediocre images that didn’t resonate with the gaming public. The now infamous Bubsy 3D has been the proverbial coffin nail in the coffin, earning the honor in some circles of being the worst 3D platformer of all time. Now he’s back, trying to break the curse of mediocrity with Bubsy: Paws On Fire, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This cat has nine lives? Yes, it’s a saying.

In this racing driver trying to capitalize on a craze that probably peaked a decade ago (poor Bubsy), you play one of four different characters. Everyone has their own game mechanics. For example, Babsie can naturally jump on enemies, reach platforms, and use her traditional sliding and pawing movements. Virgile has a useful double jump and can also trample the ground. Take control of The Woolie and you’ll be treated like a side-scrolling shooter, playing the role of Arnold in the bonus levels. A change of pace is indeed very welcome.

Of the four characters, Bubsy seems the least fun for some reason. It’s mainly because it slips due to a slight twist. The speed of descent during swimming is never constant. Sometimes you float like a feather and sometimes you fall like a brick. As you can imagine, this makes time jumping nearly impossible, making the level the ultimate fun. Virgil’s moves are much more interesting thanks to his double jump technique and his jab on the ground that can knock opponents down with ease. The Wool levels are also great fun to play, but Arnold is definitely the best of the bunch. I prefer a complete set of his courses, but unfortunately there aren’t many.

Bubsy: Paws on Fire has over 100 scenes in different worlds. You can play each level with three different characters to earn medals that unlock new characters. To unlock the contents of the Arnold bonus, you must find the pieces of medallion hidden in each of the characters. Wire balls are back, but they now serve as game currency that you can spend to unlock a selection of costumes for each character.

Other than that, there’s nothing special about this game. The gameplay and level design are very boring, especially since the game is now an auto-runner. Each level is designed the same way, and the enemies and obstacles don’t really change the game for the most part. It’s great to play on multiple levels, but then the recurring character really affects you. In this game, progress is slow and you don’t feel rewarded. The best levels in this game are the bonus levels, but even these get old after a while and no real challenge is added.

All in all, it feels like this game has stretched its empty mini-assets into a complete game. It lacks the magic spark of innovation or the surprises so common in A-games. Only three boss fights in the game break the monotony, but ultimately this seems more like the point of the game. Strange insertions, like Bubsy’s opening sequence in the school gym, which is then not mentioned anywhere else in the game, and the first step suddenly taken in the woods, make no sense. After all, Bubsy is still a decrepit mascot who should probably throw in the towel.

Babe: Overview of the Paws on Fire Initiative
  • Charts – 5.5/10
  • Sound – 5/10
  • Gameplay – 5.5/10
  • Late complaint – 3,5/10


Final thoughts : MEDIOCR

Bubsy: Paws on Fire tries to turn the tide by becoming a race car driver, but unfortunately that’s not enough to break the curse of mediocrity. Fun to play for the first few minutes, but gets old quickly. With such a choice of better programmers on the Switch, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made it through the game.

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