The Rift Fortnite Modded Server Coming in Beta | TheGregfg Skin Available for Free

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The game has a Rift Fortnite Modded server that is still in beta. The beta version of Rift Modded comes with more skins and other elements, and the Gregfg skin is now available for free in Fortnite.

We have all the details and exclusive news on the upcoming custom beta version of Rift Fortnite at Fortnite, check it out.

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Epic is pushing the updates for Fortnite religiously and in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 they have added a lot of new content to the game like daily quests and with this daily quest you can earn rewards, there were also new NPCs, cosmetic items and a lot of other things which you will see in the coming days.

Right now, the Modified Rift Fortnite server, which is still in battle, is fashionable and relevant, so we’ve gathered all the information and we also have some exclusive news that you won’t find on other sites, so let’s get right to it.

Many players join unknown private servers in Fortnite, and these private servers are called Rift, and right now they are only available in beta, so you can’t get Rift Modded servers in your Fortnite game. This server is great because it gives players access to skins, cosmetic items, emotes, and more. You can obtain and equip any of the available items. You can also participate in Solo or Royal Party mode on this server.

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You can also play previous seasons of Fortnite because this server is currently in beta, and there are rumors that you can also play previous seasons with the Modified Rift Fortnite server. You should be aware that custom Rift Servers are different from Epic Games servers, and this is the only reason why you haven’t officially heard of Epic Games Rift Servers yet. And you will not be able to donate items to your own account, as this is a private and independent Epic Games server.

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Rift Fortnite Modded Server: The twitch record is broken by Gregg

You may or may not know TheGregfg, the Spanish banner boy and owner of the EU Heretics team. It broke the record for the number of simultaneous views on Twitch, over 2 million views on the platform. He broke this record during the broadcast of TheGregfg’s Fortnite Icon skin show. He really opened his skin on the creek and broke the record for most simultaneous calls, which is a nutritious thing for him.

It is understood that Grefg’s skin will be free when participating in the Paul – Lava tournament, as will Lachlan’s skin….. I explained everything he said live today in that video!

– GIPEX (@GIPEX) 11. January 2021

This is not the first skin, as there are only 7 leather outfits in the Fortnite Icon series, and the Ninja was the first skin added to the popular series.

So it was Rift Fortnite Modded Server in beta | TheGregfg Skin available for free.

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We hope you enjoy our approach to the Rift Fortnite modded server which is available in beta version | TheGregfg Skin for free.


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