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Isolation Vaults is a bonus mission added to Warframe with the Heart of Deimos update. You can get these bonuses from your mother in Nekraliska. It’s a multi-part bounty that consists of fighting and fundraising on the surface of Deimos, then going underground to take on the teeming enemies and Nekramekh.


The first step is to collect the remains of Foss of Vome. At least special patches from this source will spawn and score. Go to the marked areas, destroy the worm meat and collect the remains.

Level 2

For the second part, you have to take the rest to the baiting machine. Interact with the device to add bait, and it will turn the bait into something you can use to open the locked door. You have to protect the car from infected enemies. When this is done, remove the material from the unit. It’ll look like a contaminated grenade. A new landmark appears, leading to a nearby tunnel. Throw the object with the requested key at the door and it will open. Looks like a giant heart valve. Make sure you are looking at the door when you drop the item, otherwise it will be lost and you will have to start the process all over again.

Level 3

Follow the tunnels to the central room and you will have to fend off waves of enemies. The poison content in the air will slowly increase, but you can reduce it by killing enemies, especially those with a red dot. Don’t let the toxicity level reach 100 and everything will be fine. This portion takes about two minutes, so make sure you have a good meat grinder and you’re good to go.

Level 4

Now it’s time to continue through the tunnels and through the flap door that opens at the end of the room. Follow these tunnels until you reach rooms with Nekrameh. Destroy Nekrameh, then you have to decide if you want out or in the vault.

Level 5

If you want to try to access the vault, take the path to the right of where you entered, up the slope to the picturesque gate. There will be a reactive crystal for him. Shoot to summon Loid, then you must escort him while he loads masts. Many infected enemies will breed and try to kill him, so protect him.

Once all four are loaded, follow Loid to the beautiful door where a puzzle awaits you. The puzzle is simple, the door flashes with four symbols and you must then reach the corresponding stations in the same order. Above each doorframe is a symbol that corresponds to the symbols on the door. Hit them with your amp in the correct order and you’ll gain access to the vault. Go inside and open all the containers, grab the loot, then return to the surface and return to Nekralisk to complete the mission.

Increase memory level isolation

The first time you played through the isolation vaults, you had to go through three in a row, and each time the level got higher. This is no longer the case, and you can select the desired level by simply going to the desired location on the map. You have to complete the levels in order the first time, but after that you can do any level you want.

  • The first level – begins in undulatum.
  • The second level – starts between Albrecht-Allee and Kataburgraben.
  • Step three – begins in the abscess.

Just go through the above places and talk to your mom and she will start searching the isolation room.

Arcana Premiums

If you have filled the isolation vault, you can perform arcane bonuses. They can be found at the places of origin mentioned above. They look like the normal missions that take place on the surface, but take place in the vaults.

  • Assassination – you have to lure the target and kill him.
  • Cache Search – You must find the cache deep inside the infested hive. We need to destroy the tumors to damage the hive.
  • Sampling – You will need to purchase batteries for the cleaner that will make the bell. In the bubble, new specimens of flora appear and need to be collected.
  • Hive destruction – You must find and destroy three infected hives.
  • Release – Protect the set value from enemies.
  • Deimos Delicacies – Protect a friendly juggler and collect the fungal polyps that will make you sick. Eventually the Juggernaut becomes hostile, and you must kill your new pet.
  • Infestation study – destruction of the tumor to feed a neighboring unit. Grab a bag of liquid from the device and hit the enemies with it to tag them, then destroy them.
  • Cracks in Deimos – Use a container to seal cracks. Protect the appliance and the radiators from failure.

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