What is Melee Damage in Fortnite? How to Deal 300 Melee Damage?

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What is melee damage in Fortnite? Week 5 of Fortnite includes a challenge where you have to inflict 300 melee damage on your enemies. So we have the complete Fortnite melee damage guide, check it out.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, fans continue to have fun as many new items go on sale almost every week. Many things have been given to players such as skins, cosmetics and many other things given as rewards. Week 10 of Chapter 2 of Season 5 continues and brings many new challenges for players.

Fortnite offers weekly challenges where you have a great chance to increase your Battle Pass. You can also increase your XP during these challenges. Most players already know the game’s challenges because there is nothing special about them. The new challenge in Fortnite is able to deal damage in the case of melee. But it is actually very confusing and players don’t know what to do. Just follow this guide and you are ready to go.

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First, let’s see how much melee damage there is in Fortnite, and then how to get 300 melee damage.

A melee weapon is a weapon that can be used to fight enemies in body to body combat. Melee weapons are mainly used in 1v1 battles and with melee weapons it does not take much effort to take down an opponent. However, these weapons cannot be used in close range combat and are not as popular as long range weapons such as rifles and pistols.

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As for the most used weapons in Fortnite, the pickaxe is the most used weapon and the chopper is also one of the most used weapons. This weapon comes in handy especially when completing certain tasks and assignments in the game. The pickaxe is one of the most used weapons in Fortnite. You can do 20 damage with the pick, but the total damage can reach 300, which may seem heavy.

We recommend that you skip some of the places most visited by players and go to an area where you can do more damage initially. As for the best places for this task, there are a few places you should visit to complete the melee in Fortnite, below we have shared all the locations.

So it was melee damage in Fortnite, and now we have a place where you can get 300 melee damage.

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What is Mela Damage in Fortnite: Places where you can do more damage

There are places that can help you do 300 damage in Fortnite, but you must visit these places as soon as possible to get more damage. These places look like this: You can go to a place with a Star Wars theme, a clock tower in another place, or any other POI that might attract some players. Once you visit one of the locations, you can start destroying enemies until the challenge is completed.

Like this strategy, you have to use certain strategies to take out enemies. This was about what melee damage is in Fortnite and where you can do 300 melee damage.

I hope you like our approach to melee damage in Fortnite.

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Frequently asked questions

What are melee weapons in Fortnite?

A melee weapon is a type of weapon in Fortnite: Battle Royale. These weapons are intended for melee combat or the destruction of structures. They do not use ammunition.

What is harmful in Fortnite?

It seems that the henchmen of the trade count. Players should also take advantage of the extra damage caused by a headshot. Players get 35,000 XP for a single damage swap and 80,000 XP for a team challenge of 10,000 damage.

How can we increase the damage to Fortnite?

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