Xin Zhao could use some moderate buffs

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Over the past few months, several articles have been published here about Xin’s weakness and bad temper. How he is a forgotten champion. According to most data sites, he has about 2% pick and 48% win on all elos (even the lower elos where he should dominate as a brain champion). And it’s been that way since the end of season 9.

This post is a list of potential fans I’ve compiled in hopes of softening the gameplay and making it a little more in line with my imagination, such as the damage caused by a duelist armed with a spear fighting against all odds.

I’ve reached a gold peak, so I’m not trying to pass off my ideas as objectively correct, but statistically most Xin players seem to be silver and gold, so I hope my suggestions will resonate with his player base. Remember, this is a list of individual fans – like Riot, I’d be very happy if he decided to do just one of them, but certainly not all at the same time. This is about Xin’s release.


1. Transforming the passive nerd

For those who don’t know: Shin was a very strong juggler during the 8-9 seasons, also known as meta scuttle. This was at a time when nomads were very precocious and dominated a strong Level 2 jungle. It was also at this time that Runes Reforged, the current rune system, was released. In the middle of this meta-bot, Shin nerve passive damage (on the 16th edition) from 80% AD to 45%AD with

Zero compensation. His excuse was that at the time, Xin Zhao was pleading for a new PtA, a rune that Xin Zhao almost never takes now.

  • This further reduced his already limited power towards the end of the game. The turnaround would be a big favourite in the duel with Xin Zhao, with the final 20 minutes being shared. Probably the biggest fan favorite on this list in terms of numbers.

2. Change W

His new W with its mini-revamp was noted as being very similar to Rengar’s reworked Q, a slash and kick that was terrible to use on Rengar. It’s not surprising that the situation is just as bad with Xin. As an AA duelist, the ability to defend oneself is incredibly embarrassing. Instead of the slash on W, which was the last slash of Xin in patch 10.18, I would remove the first part of W, the slash, and just keep the punch.

  • This reduces launch time while maintaining the spear theme of the Xin kit, while making the overall capacity smoother and better for kiting and tracking. This will hurt Shin as his W currently applies his passive batteries and allows him to do Multilab, but this can easily be corrected by lowering the cooling of this new W by increasing the base damage or by giving him two passive batteries on the opener.

3. Deterring basic statistics

They’re simple, easy to implement, and probably something will happen in the future when they start Xin.

  • By adjusting the MRT to 2, it would be better in the mid-range as an existing counterpart.
  • Otherwise, moving his MS base to 5 would be an incredible favorite for any position, but would probably have the biggest impact on the jungle and center.
  • Alternately shredding his basic armor and his basic health would probably have the biggest impact on the topplane, where Xin Zhao has traditionally been, other than in the jungle (though it would also be very good for the jungle).

4. Shoot his Q.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Qiu Xin is so good. This is the one skill that defined his strength as a juggler at the start of the game – few champions can achieve a KO, even at level 1, and this first base damage is functionally a crazy AD steroid for 3 cars.

  • However, unlike most auto-attack boosters, Xin’s Q does not give you a longer range. That’s probably because Xin Zhao is already at the top in terms of autonomy as a scrum champion. Still, giving the 25 capacity would be a good choice for QoL fans, even if it’s not completely broken. This would make Sinh a little better at flyovers, runway swaps, etc. and would also make it a little easier for the three cars to land for the knockout.

5. Increase base damage by E/ Change the E scale to AD instead of AP.

  • The riots have already killed AP Xin, so we might as well pull AP’s useless ladder. Other divers with similar abilities (notably Ukong and Camilla) have either a higher base damage on the Dash or a higher attack speed scale.

6. Return the innate armor to a passive state.

  • Previously, Xin had a 15% armored pen on anyone he automatically attacked. They cleaned him up with his mini-model, but considering the condition Xin is in now, I don’t think it would be bad to bring him back. The Hall of Fame is polished for less.

7. Increase of the damage limit

Thematically, Ulti Xin is great. I wouldn’t be against better particles (instead of the transparent circle that’s there now), but the immunity to off-radius damage is unique – it’s Xin. However, it’s almost useless nine times out of ten in 1v1. Base damage is pretty low, and 15% of the current energy is wasted. Xin’s Ultra is best used in situations to block certain opportunities or as a finisher when someone is running on the ground, because the range is greater than Xin’s automatic range, and in both scenarios 15% power is the opposite type of scale you want.

  • From 15% current to 15% no current would make it a better dueling instrument, while the maximum of 5-8% would make it a good dueling instrument.

8. Increasing the utility of the Ultra

  • Reduce the ultrasonic range by 25 or 50. Given the size of the circle right now, Xin could be hacked by an ad agency that is in his own ultra, standing at the edge of the abyss.
  • Another solution is to remove the 0.35 s delay for invulnerability. Play enough Xin and you’ll find that you get killed quite often during the Xin sweep animation. That’s because Xin’s invulnerability comes after the knockout animation. If you decouple or reduce the invulnerability of this sink time, it becomes much more reliable as a defense for a diver with very limited defense resources compared to other divers.
  • Another option for the Ultrabuffer is to add small, slower – say 20% – to enemy champions who return to the circle for a second. This ability will be more pleasant to touch and watch, as it will slow down the pace of team fights by a second. Thematically, Shin is immune to damage in his ultra-range, as he either bounces the projectiles directly or uses the wind to swing his spear so hard (
    As seen in his splash art). His UV already contains wind particles, so the addition of a small slow particle seems appropriate, as if the wind from Xin’s spear repels the opponent.


That’s all I’m saying. All of these suggestions are essentially aimed at making Xin’s power curve a little less exponentially negative, while maintaining his current identity as an aggressive early diver who really drops out of the game.

I don’t expect these requests to materialize, but I hope this post, along with others recently published, will draw attention to this spearhead of the tri-county, who has decided to simulate his retirement for Yarvan IV, while Yarvan simulates for Shivana (though, frankly, who wouldn’t?).

Peace, and good luck on the way up!

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